Artisians & Vendors:

Many artisans and vendors have graced us with thier wares and services over the years. Below is a sample of the crafts and wares that will be available this year:

Sheep Thrills & Shear Fun

Wool dew for ewe! Spinning, Weaving, and natural dyeing along with wool garb and accessories.

Crafters of Words

Phifiber & Zebubble

Mystyk Travlers

Jento Soaps

Blacksmith & The Artist

Highpoint Craft

N.E.O. Vik Productions

Moonstar Mystic

Carronade & Cuttless

If you have seen the movies and love the "swashbuckling life"... Then it is time for you to learn the reality of it all. Learn about the Seven Seas and the men that sailed upon them. See some authentic pieces and equipment and perhaps take home your own little "Piece of Eight".

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